8 year olds with Attitudes?

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If this applies to you then I'm sorry. I'm sorry you too must endure the highly hormonal and emotional roller coaster that are daughters and even some sons. Some days it's a 3 yr old or 16 yr old teenager that possesses my 8 yr old daughter, whenever the mood strikes. To her life is so unfair, she's bored all of the time regardless of the multitude of electronics, games, books and crafts that are overflowing her room. 
When it's time for chores my daughter transofrms into a 3yr old. She throws herself on the floor whining (Mooomm whyy?? Do I have to?? It's endless) . When things don't go her way and she get's upset, poof out comes the teenager. Stomping, slamming doors and all around brooding for the rest of whenever. 
No longer do I speak in a normal voice or ask for anything nicely. I'm officially the mom who's normal tone over the years has become constant shouting or growling. Gone is soft-spoken mommy, she's now mom the Grizzly. So sad, I wish I can turn back the clock and have my quiet infant once again.
AHH!! I was never this horrible as a child… at least I don't think so? LOL!!
Nevertheless, even with her crazy moodsm she's still defends her sister and friends from bullying and loves to show her appraication for her parents and for that i must say… it's the little moments that count wink