Pimples And Periods

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Raise you hand if you break out about a week before your period is due.

This happens to me EVERY MONTH. It is the most annoying part of the menstrual cycle for me.
I know when the zits come, the period will be right around the corner.

I am 33 and have battled this forever. I haven't found the right cleanser that helps this situation until now.
Most acne washes are for teenage acne….at 33 we don't get acne, we get pre-menstrual breakouts, and that is on a different level than teenage acne.
A friend of mine who battles the same pre-menstrual breakouts recommended Ambi Skincare.

She said the Exfoliating Wash was the best thing she has ever bought.
So…..I got myself some. $6.00 at your local Walmart.

I took it in the shower with me today! As that monthly breakout situation is currently occurring.
Let me tell you ladies….this stuff is like GOLD!
It gently exfoliates but leaves your skin moisturized….I could feel it attacking the problem areas and after I got out of the shower, my face was cool to the touch and felt so clean. Ambi leaves your skin feeling cool and clean, and the breakouts were noticeably disappearing in just one wash!

I highly recommend this product and if their wash is any indicator of the rest of their line, I think I might try the other products they have.


Be an ipsy Girl

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Ipsy formely MyGlam Glam Bag September

Have you ever seen a TV commercial for a mascara that looks amazing or a foundation that looks incredible, You go to Walmart or CVS and buy it to find out that it's really not all that, and you just spent $12 on it?

Say goodbye to all that and join ipsy!
I am an ipsy subscriber and I LOVE IT!

What is ipsy?

ipsy is a monthly subscription (like a magazine) but you can cancel at any time.
Take a beauty quiz based on your likes and dislikes and get a montly cosmetic bag filled with 5 cosmetic and beauty products EVERY MONTH!

They are full size products or luxury sample size.
I love it because I can try out all sorts of products and then decide if I like them or not. It has actually saved me a lot of headache when it comes to cosmetics.

So how much is it?
Only $10/month.


I actually calculated the total cost of the cosmetic bag and the goodies inside and they amount to MORE than $10.
So it is quite the deal! Designers design a new cosmetic bag for each month.
Each month has a theme. I've gotten some VERY cute bags. One of which was designed by Forever 21 and I use it everyday!

Every month the ipsy stylists put together your personalized Glam Bag based on your likes and dislikes, you get 5 products every month and you can choose to be surprised or peek at your Glam Room on ipsy.com before your Glam bag arrives!

Once you get your Glam bag and try out all the goodies, review them real quick on ipsy.com to get points, add up those points and get FREE cosmetics!!

Like I said, i'm an ipsy girl and have been since June, i've gotten 8 Glam bags so far and have loved the experieince.
It has turned me onto so many products that I now love, and made me aware of the products out there that I don't like.

ipsy is great about thier service, freedom to cancel at any time if you no longer wish to be an ipsy girl, no strings attached.
So how do you become an ipsy girl?

Sign up here:


Once you sign up, you will be put on a wait list, to get off the wait list, follow the instructions….they ask you to follow ipsy on all social networking to get off the list. it's quick and painless, you can unfollow them later if you wish.


Personal Skin Care Routine For Beautiful, Refreshed Skin!

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  1. Shower before you leave the house and always use face wash.

  2. Face wipes, my friends!

    • My complexion is naturally oily, so facial wipes are a godsend! And not any of those special the make-up removing or acne ones either; just the regular ones will do. Think: minimal chemical exposure to your delicate skin.
    • Except they’re EXPENSIVE! $5-7 for a pack of 25 wipes that’ll only last me the week? No, thank you. My advice? Go get some baby wipes. I’m serious, if it’s good enough for an infants butt, it’s good enough for my face. My skin is “as soft as a baby’s bottom” and proud! I buy the 3 pack of HUGGIES Natural Care Baby Wipes (168 wipes). They’re $5.47 at Wal-Mart which comes out to $0.03 a piece!
  3. Moisturize!

    • I always apply lotion after washing my face and especially before bed.
    • I haven’t find a day lotion that I love yet, so I’m testing new lotions all of the time. My favorite night lotion though is Andalou Naturals Resveratrol Q10 Night Repair Cream. It absorbs quickly and doesn’t feel heavy on the skin, and in the morning my face feels totally refreshed! It retails for $24.99, but I’ve seen it for as low as $15 too.




  1. Eat healthy and drink lots of water.

    • Cut out the fried food and junk food–they’re awful for your body and it shows on your skin. Your skin is the LAST organ to receive nutrients, so if you don’t fuel yourself with healthy, fresh foods, then chances are, your skin’s gonna take a beating.
    • Low fat dairy, fruits and berries, salmon, walnuts, whole wheat products, and dark, leafy greens are great for rejuvenating your skin.
    • Also, drink lots of water. Green tea is a goodie too.
  2. Always wash your face before bed.

    • If you’re wearing make up, it’s imperative that it comes off at night. You might not see or feel it, but that make up and those food particles are all up on your face; and if you go to sleep without washing your face, all of that invisible oil, dirt, and grime will be all over your pillow.
  3. Which brings me to my last point! Wash your pillow cases weekly.

    • Your pillow cases are a cesspool of all of the crap that’s every been in your face, so when you sleep on it at night, you’re just rubbing your face into dead skin cells, dirt, oil, etc. Trust me. Do this once a week and you’ll definitely notice a difference in your skin!

That’s it, guys! Did I miss anything? What’s an essential part of your skin care routine?


Beauty By PinkerB

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As moms we can often be found in yoga pants, a t-shirt and our hair up in a messy bun.
We are often found struggling to balance nap time with us time.

Picking up various Legos, Barbies, Blocks from the floor, getting the laundry done, the dishes in the dish washer.
The word Beauty often gets lost in all that. 

Raising kids doesn't leave us a lot of time for Mascara, Lipgloss and Hair Products.
Often times we don't have the budget for it.
Cosmetics can be quite expensive….and the time do put it all together can be hard to obtain.

Join me every week (Wednesday's) as I break down those amazing looks for half the cost!
Make-Up Reviews, Tips and Tricks. We will help find ways to put yourself together during nap time.
It is very important as moms to take time for ourselves, looking good makes you feel good. 

A little about me,

  • 30 Something Mom Of 2 Boys
  • Make-Up Lover
  • Ipsy Subscriber
  • Cosmetic Obsessed
  • Blog Author Living in Central Florida

Tune in next Wednesday!