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My family and I have changed our lives for the better. After watching many informative documentaries and doing personal research we have decided to make healthier food choices. We don’t always choose organic over non-organic. Even though organic is better, their high prices isn’t realistic for us. Instead we  just make healthier choices when it comes to our meals. We buy fresh fruits and vegetables from our local farmers markets, we’ve cut all meat except fish out of our diet and about 80% of processed foods (fresh bread is my weakness, I can never give up).
We have also decreased our intake of excesses sugar such as all candy, carbonated drinks and all fast-food franchises, etc…

I ‘ve always suffered from migraines and since changing what and how I eat, I’m happy to report that I haven’t had a single one not even a mild headache. I’ve got more energy and I feel less blah during the day. I blame all of those bacon cheese burgers. LOL
I’ve gotten my brother off the insane energy drinks and turned him into an avid juicer using only fresh fruits and veggies from regular supermarkets. He loves it and has even loss some weight. Go lil bro!!!
My sister is borderline diabetic and I’ve advise my parents on kicking her off the freaking candy. I mean gees. She’s been eating healthier foods to help strengthen her immune system. It’s a working process so we see what’s what in time 🙂

Now I am only sharing my own thoughts and wanted to express how proud I am of myself and my kids for sticking to our new way of life. It was a very crazy crying day when Halloween came around but we survived… barely. LOL!!

Just a couple of things I did want you to take notice are below and please feel free to share you own thoughts via post or comment on mine below.

  • It is a sad day when our country decided that (frozen)pizza served in our children’s school cafeterias is considered a vegetable. Pizza? Really?
  • True story: One afternoon I joined my kid for lunch at her school and I watched as two moms in front of us sat with their kids and ate fresh salads, carrots, celery and cucumber with some kind of dressing and had water as a beverage. Healthy stuff right? So please explain to me, while they ate the  it does a body good stuff were their children eating McDonald’s? Large size might I add.
    What’s wrong with that picture? Oh yeah, so it’s all good for you to eat healthy b/c you want to stay thin and blah, blah, blah… but you feed the kids crap food. Don’t they realize how stupid it looks… how all of that salt and sugar and fat they’re consuming in large quantities is hurting them.

I don’t know. I just have to live and let live right. It’s hard when obesity is the number killing in America. #1 that’s freaking unbelievable. We can change that statistic ladies. For you and your family the next time you’re at the supermarket Stop, Think and Buy Healthier. It just takes 1 step at time… 1 step at a time 🙂

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My Good News

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I have finally begun this blog where women can share a virtual cup of fabulous koffee and just chat.

I am also at the beginning stages of editing the first draft of my book. Fingers-crossed I finish the first round of editing by Jan 2015.
Pray for me to keep sanity around my screaming children while writing and for my cramping hands.
The book description is a kept secret, I apologize. I will try to keep my fellow Koffee Crowd conrtibutors in the loop as my book progresses.
As for now I’m just so excited that I wrote a freaking book, that’s a huge accomplishment for myself 🙂

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