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  •  As a child you are BFFs with just about any kid who is happy to play with you and life is a blast.
  •  As a teenager your friends have become a small clique of five or less but you're still friendly with other kids. Unless you're a bully and well that's just all kinds of wrong. BAD Bully, BAD! Forget about your local bully (karma's a b**ch, remember that). As a teenager you make pacts to be friends forever which is great and a beautiful thing but with the reality of colleges or entering the work force early THIS, this is where friendships are either kept strong or broken apart.
  •  Ahh college… where you've become a child yet again and are more than willing to hang out with people outside your typical social circle. Having a mosh pit of friends is what makes colleges so damn great, we know it ain't for the college debt. LOL! Long lasting friendships are created at this point in our lives and where we can appreciate the differences in one another.
  •  Becoming a mom, well so much to say here. Life has taken it's toll on you and now those lasting friends are still aroundish even though you've lost a few via: your single friends not understanding your new mom-life, had life-changing disagreements, relocated to other parts of the country/world or just plain lost touch (insert shrug here).  Yes being mom has its tribulations but what can we do. We have social media to help keep in touch with the friends who have moved away or those who don't have children (yet). Sure we'll like you pics and/or status but come on we all know that's not enough to keep you friendship alive. Now we join a local mom/baby play groups just to freaking socialize and in-turn has become your saving grace. Baby brain is NEITHER sexy or stimulating AT ALL! So we meet new moms, gain like-minded friends and pray somewhere out there is a group organizing a GNO (girl's nite out!)
  • Single ladies… well I hate y'all! Seriously kidding! Just keeping YOLOing and appreciate answering to no one but yourselves and freaking travel any/everywhere man!

The point I'm trying to make is having friends is easy, keeping them… well now that's the challenge.
For those of you who managed to keep that one or few forever friend(s) pat yourselves on the back and consider yourselves really lucky, not many woman are.
 Friends are our extended families and everyone needs them. Friends are our confidants, our sisters from another mother. Friends are our voice of reasoning before wearing something hideous or doing something really dumb. "Friends are people who don't need to talk to every single day, you need to talk to each other for weeks, but when you do it's as if you'd never stopped talking." 

  – Gigi