It’s Not Thanksgiving Until…

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We all know Thanksgiving is a celebration of family togetherness, good food, drinking and oh yeah more food!
We also must not forget the memorable moments that make your Thanksgiving an unforgettable holiday year and year.

It's Not Thanksgiving Until:

  1. You first time turkey isn't burnt, frozen or dry as hell 
  2. Someone sets a pan on fire
  3. The 10 second rule is applied
  4. Your local Fire Dept has crashed your burning down the house party
  5. Someone gets nicked by a knife
  6. You have officially become Hostzilla!
  7. A fight breaks out between wives and husbands, mothers and daughters, dads and uncles and let's not forget your inlaws
  8. There's a glass of wine in your left hand and a turkey baster on your right
  9. Someone just has to bring up politics or religion
  10. There's a WTF moment and and O.M.G no they didn't!
  11. The kids and their dads have destroyed have the house
  12. You eat yourself into a coma 
  13. Someone has compliented your Thanksgiving feast by fart, burp or furniture break

Remember to have a Happy Thanksgiving! And don't worry you get a do-over on Christmas!