Pimples And Periods

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Raise you hand if you break out about a week before your period is due.

This happens to me EVERY MONTH. It is the most annoying part of the menstrual cycle for me.
I know when the zits come, the period will be right around the corner.

I am 33 and have battled this forever. I haven't found the right cleanser that helps this situation until now.
Most acne washes are for teenage acne….at 33 we don't get acne, we get pre-menstrual breakouts, and that is on a different level than teenage acne.
A friend of mine who battles the same pre-menstrual breakouts recommended Ambi Skincare.

She said the Exfoliating Wash was the best thing she has ever bought.
So…..I got myself some. $6.00 at your local Walmart.

I took it in the shower with me today! As that monthly breakout situation is currently occurring.
Let me tell you ladies….this stuff is like GOLD!
It gently exfoliates but leaves your skin moisturized….I could feel it attacking the problem areas and after I got out of the shower, my face was cool to the touch and felt so clean. Ambi leaves your skin feeling cool and clean, and the breakouts were noticeably disappearing in just one wash!

I highly recommend this product and if their wash is any indicator of the rest of their line, I think I might try the other products they have.